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Haley Apollo

Based in Seattle, Washington USA


Haley's enthusiasm for animals and art stemmed from a childhood spent periodically on a ranch, and from absconding her parents at the Woodland Park Zoo. She started her artistic journey as just a hobby using only graphite, but as friends and family began taking portrait requests, she developed a penchant for the details obtained by archival ink and spent many years primarily focused on creating black and white ink portraits. A persistent client nudged Haley into the world of mixed media, and ever since she's also greatly enjoyed creating portraits composed of a watercolor, black ink, and colored pencil medium. Both her black and white and colorful pieces are a blend of detailed vintage style realism with a familiar informal charm, best capturing each of her subject's unique and individual personalities. 


Along with being a professional artist, Haley also has a certification in veterinary assisting, worked as a wildlife rehabilitator, and has smuggled street dogs into every international hostel she's stayed in. 


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